Embassy of Ukraine to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

, Kyiv 14:09

Attention to visa applicants - citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Afghanistan

16 February, 09:43

The Embassy of Ukraine is not associated with any agent, translator or so-called visa consultants or other persons dealing with the process of admission of foreign students to universities in Ukraine (including “visa support”). The issuance or refusal of a visa is within competence of the Embassy of Ukraine. Any agent/translator/consultant cannot influence this decision in any way and accordingly the Embassy shall not bear any responsibility for:

- any actions or statements of the above-mentioned persons on behalf of the Embassy or any Embassy’s officials;

- any claims of applicants arising out of advises or suggestions provided by the above-mentioned persons.

Any of the agents providing services related to students admissions to universities and visa processing are not authorized to conduct any actions on behalf of the Embassy or its officials. Each applicant is treated by the Embassy the same way and has no privileges to others.

Applicants are requested to immediately inform the Embassy and local law enforcement agencies regarding any illegal actions or demands from the persons mentioned such as additional payments for “getting early appointment dates”, "positive decision of consular officers," "expediting of visa processing", "processing visa applications without personal interviewing" etc.

The procedure of issuing entry visas to Ukraine as well as visa types and categories, visa validity terms and legal ground for issuing visas defined by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Approval of the Rules for issuing visas for entrance and transit through the territory of Ukraine”  No.118 dated March 1st, 2017.