Посольство України в Ісламській Республіці Пакистан

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24 квітня 2018 року в готелі “Серена” (м.Ісламабад) відбувся традиційний збір та фестиваль членів Асоціації пакистанських випускників українських вищих навчальних закладів

13 квітня, 10:21

Традиційний збір та фестиваль членів Асоціації пакистанських випускників українських вищих навчальних закладів пройшов з великим успіхом  24 квітня 2018 року в готелі “Серена” (м.Ісламабад). Святковий захід відкрив Посол України в Ісламській Республіці Пакистан Володимир Лакомов

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by Ambassador of Ukraine in Pakistan Volodymyr Lakomov during the meeting of the members of  the Association of Pakistani Graduates from Ukraine

(Islamabad, March 23, 2018)

Dear Mr Chairman, Dr.Sarwar,

Пані та Панове, Ladies and Gentlemen, havatim o ozrat! Доброго Дня, Good Afternoon and Salam Aleikum! And Happy Pakistan Day that we all in the Embassy celebrated yesterday.

Dear friends,

Let me thank all of you for felicitating this event with your distinguished presence.

Our today’s meeting is very special. It gathered the Pakistanis, in whose life Ukraine has left a deep mark.

Most of you are Pakistani citizens. But, at the same time, your human destinies are tightly interwoven with Ukraine. You are the unifying link between our peoples.

Therefore, we are fully entitled to consider you as my colleagues - the people's ambassadors of Ukraine in Pakistan.

Since Ukraine and Pakistan established diplomatic relations a quarter of a century ago the ties between our countries have always been brotherly and sincere, based upon good friendship and respect and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We appreciate your undoubted contribution to this friendship and this cooperation. We consider you as one of the main drivers of brotherhood and creativity in our bilateral relations.

Now, more than ever, we need friends and supporters all over the world.

As you all know well, neighboring Russia insidiously attacked Ukraine, seized a part of its territory.

As Ukrainian Ambassador in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I am very pleased to admit that today, when the Ukrainian people struggle fiercely against Russian aggression, Pakistan remains among our good friends.

There is no doubt that step by step, day by day, together we will protect our country and restore its borders, transform Ukraine into corruption free, democratic, equitable and strong state.

Ukrainians today have been completely formed in a single Ukrainian political Nation and now we are stronger than ever.

Ukraine has made considerable progress in its European path by launching reforms in seven critical sectors such as education, business climate, the judiciary, the pension system, healthcare and electoral law. The country has no intention of slowing the pace of reforms.

The structural reforms are starting to bear fruit. The reforms process has accelerated the revival of economy and a further development.

The economic indicators for 2017 (about 2.2% GDP growth) show that Ukraine has entered a phase of economic growth.

Dear friends,

Ukraine will definitely overcome the current difficulties. I am convinced that in the near future we will completely curb the Russian aggressor, and the territorial integrity of Ukraine will be fully and finally restored.

But, undoubtedly, Ukrainians will always remember support and help of the international community, including Pakistan, in the very tough and difficult times.

I have no doubt that everyone here is in favor of Ukraine. And we all are called to promote and develop the relations between Ukraine and Pakistan.

Our bilateral relations have a great potential.  And I would like to use this opportunity to express my strong belief that the relations between Ukraine and Pakistan will develop further in the coming years.

Let's hope that our today's meeting will contribute to the unification of Ukrainians and Pakistanis through a sincere and genuine people-to-people contacts.

Our Embassy, its staff are always ready to help you, it is a part of Ukraine in this country.

Lets me express my sincerest gratitude to our sponsors and supporters: Honorary General Consul of Ukraine in Karachi Engineer Jabbar, President of world known company HERBION Mr. Nadeem Khalid, President of Pakistan-Ukraine Center of Karachi Mr. Shamim Firpo. Special thanks to organizers of this event – Dr. Sarwar, group of young and beautiful ladies whom you will see not once on these scene.   I thank managers and workers of Marriott Hotel.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Слава Україні!