Запрошення до участі у конкурсі на спорудження вугільної електростанції "Джамшоро"
Опубліковано 02 серпня 2016 року о 09:42

Компанія "Jamshoro Power Company Limited" оголосила конкурс на участь у спорудженні вугільної електростанції 2Х660 МВт, яка фінансується Азійським банком розвитку, включаючи постачання вугілля.

Умови щодо участі в проекті містяться у відповідних додатках. Кінцевий термін подання технічних заявок на участь - 26 серпня 2016 року. Для отримання більш детальної інформації слід звертатися до головного виконавчого директора "Jamshoro Power Company Limited" за телефоном: +92222021230. Пакет матеріалів також є в Посольстві України в Пакистані.






in respect of




Issued on: January 11, 2016

Issuer: Jamshoro Power Company Limited and GENCO Holding Company Limited

Coal Consultant:

Country: Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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PQD for Coal Supply for 1320 MW Project by GHCL / JPCL



SCOPE OF PREQUALIFICATION Coal Suppliers are invited to submit SOQ to pre-
qualify for International Competitive Bidding
(ICB). Top twenty (20) prequalified Suppliers
shall sign the Master Coal Supply Agreement for
supply of the specified Imported Sub-bituminous
Coal to Jamshoro Power Company Limited
(JPCL), a Government Entity, under GENCO
Holding Company Limited (GHCL) Pakistan, for
2x660 MW (Gross) Coal-fired Power Plant at
Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan (“The Project”)
ELIGIBLE SUPPLIERS Coal Producers/Coal Mine Owners/Coal Trading
Companies/Coal Marketing Firms (“Suppliers”)
NON-REFUNDABLE SOQ PROCESSING Pay order/demand draft of USD 500/- (Five
FEES Hundred US Dollars Only) or PKR 50,000/-
(Fifty Thousand Pakistan Rupees Only) in the
name of CEO JPCL
PQDs AVAILABLE 11.01.2016
PRE-SOQ SUBMISSION MEETINGS From 10.02.2016 to 12.02.2016 in Jakarta,
Indonesia and from 17.02.2016 to 19.02.2016 in
Jamshoro/Islamabad Pakistan
DATE AND TIME OF RECEIVING THE 15.03.2016 till 1330 Hrs. PST (GMT+5)
DATE AND PLACE OF OPENING 15.03.2016 at 1430 Hrs. PST (GMT+5)
Office of the GENCO Holding Company Limited,
House No. 22, Street No. 10, F-8/3, Islamabad
Email: [email protected]
may reject all proposals/Statement of
Qualification (“SOQ”) at any time not
conforming to the requirements of this
prequalification document
PPRA Rules: http://www.ppra.org.pk/Rules.asp




Asian Development Bank (“ADB”) and Islamic Development Bank (“IDB”) have been mandated by Government of Pakistan (“GoP”) to develop and implement a greenfield 2x660 MW (Gross) supercritical coal-fired power plant in Jamshoro, Sindh, Islamic Republic of Pakistan (“The

Project”) to meet energy requirements of Pakistan in a cost-effective manner. Funding for one unit has already been approved by ADB and IDB, and GoP intends to develop and implement an additional unit, in order to complete 1320 MW (Gross) installed capacity in the country at the earliest through the commissioning of this Project.

The Project is being established by Jamshoro Power Company Limited (“JPCL”), also known as GENCO-1, which was incorporated in August 1998, as a GoP owned corporate entity, with a mandate to improve and maintain efficiency in generating electric power through economical and efficient use of resource in transparent manner. JPCL is a subsidiary of GENCO Holding Company Limited (“GHCL”), a Government of Pakistan Entity, primarily responsible for to direct management and operations of GENCO’s, including JPCL, for better corporate management, improved financial control and forward-looking business planning. JPCL and GHCL shall singly and/or jointly be referred to as the “Project Owner” hereafter in the document.

The Project shall be powered using sub-bituminous imported coal primarily of Indonesian origin. As GoP is keen to promote local coal reserves, therefore, the Project shall be designed in such a manner that indigenous lignite coal sourced from Thar, Pakistan can be blended with imported sub-bituminous coal.

The Project Owner, intends to invite potential coal suppliers, including but not limited to Coal Producers, Coal Mine Owners, Coal Trading Companies and Coal Marketing Firms, hereafter referred to as “Suppliers”, to submit proposals to pre-qualify for International Competitive Bidding (“ICB”) for supply of imported sub-bituminous coal under a Master Coal Supply Agreement, (“Master CSA”), based on annual bidding process.

As per the policy of Federal Government of Pakistan, all government entities, including the Project Owner, is obligated to follow the Public Procurement Rules 2004, as amended from time to time, hereafter referred to as “PPRA Rules” formulated under the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Ordinance, 2002 (“PPRA”). Details of PPRA Rules are available at http://www.ppra.org.pk/Rules.asp. All potential Suppliers shall comply with PPRA Rules to submit the Pre-Qualification Documents, (“PQDs”) in order to be eligible for ICB. Applicability of PPRA rules is mandatory for bidding process and potential Suppliers can only be engaged through a transparent and competitive bidding process.

This document, PQD, outlines the detailed criteria and requirements to submit the pre-qualification details through filing the Statement of Qualification (“SOQ”) comprising the Application Submission Sheet and Forms I-X, provided in Section VII of the PQD, along with the requisite supporting documentary evidence, to qualify for coal supply for the Project. Only the Suppliers complaint with this PQD shall be qualified and of them the top twenty (20) shall be deemed eligible sign the Master CSA and to participate in the bidding process. This PQD has been drafted in strict compliance with PPRA rules applicable for international procurement. All

Countries except for Israel are eligible to apply.

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PQD for Coal Supply for 1320 MW Project by GHCL / JPCL


2.1. Project Owner

Jamshoro Power Generation Project, a greenfield 2x660 MW (Gross) Imported Coal-Fired Power Project being established at Mohra Jabal, Dadu Road Jamshoro Sindh, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a Sovereign Project of GoP, being developed by JPCL under GHCL.

2.2. Project Rationale

The Project's impact will be reduction of load shedding in Pakistan. The Project will also result into a more efficient energy mix through diversification from expensive HFO to less expensive coal.

The project will:

a. increase the capacity of the JPCL by installing a 2x660-MW (gross) supercritical coal-fired unit, using an 80/20 blend of imported sub-bituminous coal and domestic lignite when available from Thar Coal Mine Fields;

b. improve compliance with international and national environmental standards by installing emission control devices for the existing units and remediating the site;

c. enhance the capacity of GHCL and JPCL by providing financial, technical, and operational training; and

d. promote education on coal-fired plant operation by providing on-the-job training, and integrating such training into technical school curriculum.

2.3. Project Overview

The Project shall be powered using imported sub-bituminous coal and electricity generated will be evacuated through 500kV transmission lines to National Transmission and Dispatch Company (“NTDC”). As GoP intends to promote local coal resources of Pakistan, the coal plant will also have the provision to burn lignite coal, once available from Thar Coal Mine, Sindh. The tentative Commercial Operation Date (“COD”) is scheduled in 2018.

ADB and IDB already committed funding for the development of this Project. ADB shall also support 5 year Operation and Maintenance (“O&M”).

Mott MacDonald has been engaged as the Technical Advisor to finalize the technical specifications of the Project.

Detailed imported coal requirements including specifications, timelines and quantity for this Project are given in Section IV. Siddiqsons Limited is engaged by Project Owner to assist in the process of coal procurement under a long term CSA to be sourced through the process of which these PQDs are a part. The role of Siddiqsons Limited is purely of a consultant with decision making, analysis and evaluation being supervised by the Project Owner.

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PQD for Coal Supply for 1320 MW Project by GHCL / JPCL


This section covers the basic plan for procurement of Imported Coal.

The overall Imported Coal Supply to the Project is divided into following two components:

a. Master CSA or Master Coal Supply Agreement: Coal Supply at one of the ports in Pakistan on DAP basis. The port will be selected from time to time on competitive pricing basis. Bidding Notice and Confirmation Notice will govern such details to be signed in connection with the Master CSA

b. CHA or Coal Handling Agreement: Coal unloading from the ship and transportation to the site

ADB’s requirement is to have a long-term CSA. CHA cannot be fixed for the Term of CSA as much is expected to change with the establishment of new ports and deepening of existing ports in Pakistan. Therefore, CHA is completely excluded for the scope of this PQD and Master CSA.

Basic framework of Master CSA for Imported Coal Procurement is as follows:

3.1. Phase 1: Suppliers Prequalification

a. This PQD being advertised, for pre-qualification of Suppliers for International Competitive Bidding (“ICB”), requests for SOQ for three (construction years) + five (operational years) years Coal Supply to the Project

b. In strict compliance to PPRA Rules, one-time Suppliers Prequalification process shall be conducted

c. Scope of this PQD is limited to one-time prequalification of Suppliers on the basis of evaluation criteria outlined in this document

d. As a result of Suppliers’ Prequalification process, top 20 shortlisted Suppliers will be required to sign the Master CSA, draft enclosed as Annex-1, that outlines major terms and conditions for supply of Imported Coal to the Project Owner

e. Master CSAs will be signed with the top 20 prequalified Suppliers only. The quantity commitment for each Tender Period will be provided by the Project Owners. Master CSAs will ensure Project Owner’s compliance with ADB’s requirement

f. Shortlisted top twenty (20) Suppliers will also be required to submit a Corporate Guarantee as a part of Master CSA. Corporate Guarantee draft is provided in the Master CSA Draft in Annex-1

3.2. Phase 2: Competitive Bidding for Supply of Imported Coal

a. Bidding Notice will be issued by the Project Owner to prequalified Suppliers. Note that only those Suppliers with an active Master CSA shall be entitled to place bids in the open bidding process for supply of the specified Imported Coal

b. Suppliers will be considered for bidding during the course of eight (08) years (three (03) construction+ five (05) operation years). Some coal will be needed before start

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PQD for Coal Supply for 1320 MW Project by GHCL / JPCL

of operations for testing, commissioning and first fill of inventory during the construction phase

c. Bidding Schedule is as follows:

i. For the purpose of each twelve-month calendar period, Project Owner will finalize its demand of Imported Coal and the Coal specifications 120 days before start of twelve-month period . The Suppliers will be intimated of the same through a Bidding Notice

ii. Coal Supply shall be on Delivered at Place (DAP) basis, Incoterms-2010, and Project Owner will finalize and intimate the port to Supplier in the same Bidding Notice

iii. Top twenty (20) prequalified Suppliers, already having signed the Master CSAs, will be asked to place bids for the coal supply as per the specifications of the Project Owner within 10 days of issuance of the Bidding Notice

iv. The lowest price will be chosen for the supply of coal. A Confirmation Notice will be issued which will be final and binding upon Project Owner. An L/C will be opened with the lowest priced Supplier prior to delivery of Cargoes

v. The following guarantee structure will be applicable:

i. A bid bond of 1% will be taken when the specific bid is provided by Suppliers for each twelve-month period in response of the Bidding Notice

ii. A performance bond of 2% will be taken from the finalized Supplier upon issuance of the Confirmation Notice and bid bond will be returned

vi. Bid price must include all taxes inside and outside Pakistan for evaluation in ICB. Nothing will be considered in addition to the quoted bid price

vii. The Project Owner reserves the right to make any amendments/modifications in the documents/procedure over time.

Note that scope of COMPETITIVE BIDDING FOR SUPPLY OF IMPORTED COAL is excluded from this PQD and shall be communicated later to the prequalified Suppliers through a form of Bidding Notice.

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PQD for Coal Supply for 1320 MW Project by GHCL / JPCL


4.1. Imported Coal Specifications

Indonesian origin coal with Net Calorific Value (“NCV”) above or equivalent to 4,750 has been finalized for the Project. Specifications details are as follows:

Note that above mentioned coal specifications are for reference only. As mentioned earlier in this document, Project Owner will finalize coal specifications 120 days before start annual bidding process.

4.2. Imported Coal Quantity

Project Owner is envisaging signing of a Master CSA for seeking commitment to provide a bid from top twenty (20) prequalified Suppliers and confidence to procure coal with a NEPRA approved mechanism. Top twenty (20) prequalified Suppliers will have to sign a CSA with Project Owner.

Following matrix highlights annual quantity of coal required for the Project based on two scenarios. First scenario (“S1”) assumes mixing of imported and local coal in the ratio of 80:20 respectively and second scenario (“S2”) assumes utilization of 100% imported sub-bituminous coal.

Capacity Factor Coal Quantity (Metric Tons)
80% Blend (S1) 100% Sub-Bituminous (S2)
100% 3,464,294 4,330,367
85% 2,944,650 3,680,812
50% 1,732,147 2,165,184

Note that actual quantities required to be delivered against annual bidding process shall be communicated 120 before the actual twelve-month

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PQD for Coal Supply for 1320 MW Project by GHCL / JPCL

requirements. Note also that the Supplier may choose to provide at least one-fourth of the annual quantity to be defined in the Bidding Notice

4.3. Timelines

The supply of coal for the Project shall commence at least 6 months prior to the commissioning, for testing purposes; tentative COD date is in 2018. Quantity, timelines and other modalities of coal supply are discussed further in the Master CSA.



5.1. General Instructions

Potential Suppliers shall have to submit the SOQ, comprising SOQ Processing Fees, Application Submission Sheet and Forms I-X provided in Section VII of this PQD, along with the documentary evidence. Each page in the SOQ must be signed and stamped by the person duly authorized by all members of the JV comprising the Supplier through submission of board resolutions by all JV members in the

SOQ, (“Authorized Representative”). Three (03) hard copies of the SOQ for Pre-qualification, one original plus two copies, along with one electronic / soft copy must be submitted in a sealed envelope to the following address on or before 15.03.2016, 1330 Hrs. PST (GMT+5), (“Submission Date”). The SOQ requirements are further elaborated in Section VI below.

Sealed envelopes must reach following address latest by 15.03.2016, 1330 Hrs. PST


GENCO Holding Company Limited,

House No. 22, Street No. 10, F-8/3, Islamabad, Pakistan

The original version of SOQ must be clearly marked “Original of SOQ”, and all other completed copies must be clearly marked “Copy of SOQ”. In the event of any discrepancy between the original and copy, the original shall prevail. Each sheet where entries or amendments have been made, shall be initialed by the Authorized Representative. All copies of SOQs must be sealed in separate envelope, and then all together encased in another envelope as one package. All envelopes must be clearly marked with the address of delivery mentioned above and must also mention details of the sender as below:

• Supplier’s Company Full Name

• Full Business Address and Country of Origin

• Contact Person with Contact Details (Landline, Mobile, Fax, Email)

SOQ submitted by the Supplier shall become property of the Project Owner and shall not be returned under any circumstances.

5.2. SOQ Validity

The SOQ must remain valid for 90 days after the Submission Date. The Project Owner will make its best effort to qualify potential suppliers within this period. However, the Project Owner will have the right to request Suppliers, to extend the validity period of their SOQ in case of non-conclusion of the qualification process. In this case, the Suppliers shall have the right to refuse to extend the validity and withdraw their SOQ.

5.3. Structure and Content of SOQ

The SOQ formats to be used, prepared and submitted by the potential Suppliers in response to this PQD are provided as the Application Submission Sheet and Forms I-X in Section VII of this document.

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PQD for Coal Supply for 1320 MW Project by GHCL / JPCL

The potential Suppliers shall submit their SOQ in strict accordance with the requirement of this PQD and shall complete the Application Submission Sheet and all Forms, providing all the required information. Additional and supplementary information, data, descriptions and explanations for clarification of the SOQ must also be submitted for consideration as required. Failure to provide all requested information shall be at the risk of the Suppliers and may result in rejection of the SOQ.

5.4. Processing Fees of SOQ

The Original SOQ must contain a non-refundable pay order/demand draft of USD

500/- (Five Hundred US Dollars Only) or PKR 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand Pakistan Rupees Only) in the name of CEO JPCL as the SOQ processing fees. Copy of the pay order/demand draft must be attached with the 2 hard copies of the Original SOQ. The SOQ processing fees of USD 500/PKR 50,000 is net of all applicable taxes.

5.5. Language of SOQ

The SOQ shall be in English language. Supporting documents and printed literature furnished by potential Suppliers may be in any other language provided they are accompanied by an appropriate translation of pertinent passages in English language. Supporting materials which are not translated may not be considered. For the purpose of interpretation and evaluation of the SOQ, the English language translation shall prevail.

5.6. Reporting Currency in SOQ

The reporting currency in SOQ shall be US Dollars. In case, the reporting currency in the supporting documents is not in USD, then that currency must be converted in USD. The conversion rate used shall be the exchange rate prevailing on the last business day of the concerned accounting period. Exchange rate used must be clearly mentioned.

5.7. Method of Delivery of SOQ

SOQ submitted to the Project Owner must be made either of the following methods. SOQs submitted by facsimile, electronic mail, telex or telegram shall not be accepted.

a. By hand: or

b. By prepaid, registered, or certified mail or by overnight courier.

5.8. Clarification and Amendment of PQD

To address the queries/clarifications, a pre-submission meeting shall be held before the deadline for submission of final SOQ from 10.02.2016 to 12.02.2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia and from 17.02.2016 to 19.02.2016 in Jamshoro/Islamabad, Pakistan. Exact venue and timings shall be communicated later.

Suppliers must notify the Project Owner, via email mentioned in the document, not later than fifteen (15) days after availability of PQDs for participation in the pre-submission meetings. Queries/clarifications shall only be addressed on or after the pre-submission meetings scheduled in Indonesia and Pakistan.

At any time before the submission of the SOQ, Project Owner reserves the right to amend the PQDs by issuing an addendum. The addendum shall be sent to all Suppliers and will be binding on them. Suppliers shall acknowledge receipt of all addenda. To give Suppliers

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PQD for Coal Supply for 1320 MW Project by GHCL / JPCL

reasonable time in which to take an amendment into account in their SOQ, the Project Owner may, if the amendment is substantial, extend the deadline for the submission of SOQ.


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